"We are the Boston Celtics"

We're the Boston Celtics. If you want to be part of the conversation, you have to win more than one. All the great Celtics teams won more than one. You can be a one-hit wonder. You can be Milli Vanilli or Vanilla Ice, or you can be part of the Celtic tradition.

--Doc Rivers

Any Celtics fans who lost sleep this summer wondering how Doc Rivers would motivate the troops next season can now get some shut-eye.

You have your answer.

The other day we heard Kevin Garnett talking about winning multiples.

Ray Allen recently talked about how history might not have judged MJ or Hakeem so charitably had either of them won only one title.

The message has been communicated, and we’re seeing early buy-in from the players.

It may be time to dust off the Doc Rivers Bandwagon and bring it out of storage. On the other hand, maybe we don’t. After all, I’m a charter member of the Doc Rivers Fan club, and it appears the bandwagon has been on parade for some time now.

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