The 1986 Team has Gone to Seed

One thing that has been sitting in my craw for some time now is the physical condition, or lack thereof, of THE GREATEST BASKETBALL TEAM EVER TO WALK THE PLANET.

Watch the 1986 DVDs and then look at pictures or videos of the same players today.

Bird--At least 50 pounds heavier, probably more.

McHale--Massive gut.


Walton--He is either pregnant or drinks a lot of beer.

DJ--He's literally gone to seed, six-feet under, due in part to being overweight.

The only player who has remained svelte is The Chief, Robert Parish, and God bless him.

I mean, come on.

We all see Bill Russell, Jo Jo White, Dave Cowens, and Hondo on a regular basis. Not one of them remotely resembles a sumo wrestler. Yet if one were to imagine a reunion of the 1986 team, the only way most of them might share in a celebration is via a running belly bump.

DJ's death was heartbreaking.

Let's make his the last passing from '86 for a good 10-20 years.

Ya' listening, guys?

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Lex said...

And, by the way, Paul Pierce:

You need to listen, too.

You have the wrong body type to do anything but keep on keepin' on once retirement calls.

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