Kenyon, Oh Kenyon, Where for Art Thou?

Of all the things that used to drive me to drink during Celtics-Nets matchups during the early 2000s, Kenyon Martin's intimidating defense was at the top of the list. He absolutely owned Antoine. And whomever we were playing at center (read Tony Battie) had no more success getting shots off in the paint.

Keynon Martin made the Celtics frontline all look a head shorter than him. And you could tell the Celtics felt that way, too. Whenever any Celtic got the ball in the paint, it seemed like he would always hesitate taking it to the hole, fearful that K-Mart would swoop in for a block.

But no more.

In fact, when I first saw Martin on KG, I did a double take.

Is that really Big, Bad Kenyon Martin?

He looked downright lilliputian.

Another reason to love 7'1" power forwards.

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