Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Have Beens for Nellie

On Tap the World Champion Boston Celtics

The defending champs offer numerous reminders of what could have been -- and what might be -- for the Golden State Warriors.

There's Kevin Garnett, the player they almost landed in a draft-day trade two summers ago, until Kevin McHale got cold feet and wanted more than Golden State could offer.

Then there's Leon Powe, the Cal standout turned gritty Celtics reserve, who was available when the Warriors took Kosta Perovic in the second round of the 2006 draft. All he did last year was score 8 points, grab 4 rebounds and shoot 57% from the field in less than 15 minutes per game. Oh, and he led the entire Celtics team in points-per-minute.

Finally, there's Ray Allen, whom Golden State rookie Anthony Morrow studies immensely and wants to pattern his game after.

--San Francisco Chronicle

Hey, what about Patrick O'Bryant? He's already blocked more shots in garbage time than Nellie ever thought possible.

And what's this about Anthony Morrow and Jesus Shuttlesworth?

Yeah, right.

Keep dreaming...


The Kid said...

Anthony Morrow is actually pretty good for a undrafted rookie player.

Lex said...


That's fine.

But Ray Allen?

The Kid said...

Sure why not you have look up to someone.

Lex said...


About like BBD looking up to Chaz.

But Ok.

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