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Frustrated with dating? Check out this site, where you'll find your old buddy Lex has finally returned to writing original pieces. Hopefully reading them will be as entertaining as it was living through them.


Deja Eddie

And there it was.

Second quarter.

Close game.

Tough rival.

Back-to-back threes create space between the Cs and the opponent.

Celtics build on that lead and never look back.

Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals?

James Posey and Eddie House?

No, no, and yes.

The timing of Eddie House's back-to-back threes couldn't have been any more reminiscent of the deciding game last June if Doc would have hired a choreographer.

We didn't have Nails to play his role. But just before the two threes, Leon Powe, playing small forward, swatted a shot that had Elastic Man wondering how a 6'7" guy had blocked his shot. Afterall, isn't Tayshaun Prince 6'9"?

Answer: The Show has a 7'4" Wingspan.

Nails would have been proud.

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