Deja Eddie

And there it was.

Second quarter.

Close game.

Tough rival.

Back-to-back threes create space between the Cs and the opponent.

Celtics build on that lead and never look back.

Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals?

James Posey and Eddie House?

No, no, and yes.

The timing of Eddie House's back-to-back threes couldn't have been any more reminiscent of the deciding game last June if Doc would have hired a choreographer.

We didn't have Nails to play his role. But just before the two threes, Leon Powe, playing small forward, swatted a shot that had Elastic Man wondering how a 6'7" guy had blocked his shot. Afterall, isn't Tayshaun Prince 6'9"?

Answer: The Show has a 7'4" Wingspan.

Nails would have been proud.

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