KG is Clutch Again

The Boston Celtics didn't acquire Kevin Garnett "free and clear." He had some baggage. Word was that he couldn't hit the J when it counted. The lovely arc on his shot went flat. The rock fell short and hard against the rim.

The criticism grew louder in the playoffs, with Bill Simmons declaring KG was afraid to have the ball in his hands during crunch time.

There may have been some merit to the charge, though this video presents some impeachment evidence.

Many of us who accepted the criticism, however unwillingly, wondered if KG might benefit from having a championship under his belt. Now that he is officially "certified," as the Ticket himself pronounced on June 17, perhaps Garnett would no longer get the yips down the stretch.

It's still early, the polls are not closed, and there are still ballots to be cast.

But against Cleveland, we saw KG hit a huge jumper to help seal the victory with less than two minutes on the clock.

Last night, he did the same, only this time with 40 seconds left.

Let's just say I'm liking the early returns.

0:40 Kevin Garnett makes 21-foot jumper (Paul Pierce assists) 86-82
0:40 Charlotte full timeout
86-82 Kendrick Perkins blocks Raymond Felton's layup
86-82 Charlotte offensive rebound
86-82 Raymond Felton misses layup
0:25 Ray Allen defensive rebound 86-82
86-82 Jason Richardson personal foul (Ray Allen draws the foul)
0:24 Ray Allen makes free throw 1 of 2 87-82
0:24 Tony Allen enters the game for Kendrick Perkins 87-82
0:24 Ray Allen makes free throw 2 of 2 88-82
0:24 Charlotte 20 Sec. timeout
88-84 Raymond Felton makes driving layup
88-84 Jason Richardson personal foul (Paul Pierce draws the foul)
0:17 Paul Pierce misses free throw 1 of 2 88-84
0:17 Boston offensive rebound 88-84
0:17 Paul Pierce makes free throw 2 of 2 89-84
0:14 Rajon Rondo personal foul (Raymond Felton draws the foul) 89-84
89-84 Jason Richardson misses 28-foot three point jumper
0:06 Rajon Rondo defensive rebound 89-84

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