Secretary of Defense

                                       Points    FG%
Game# Opponent Allowed Allowed

Game 8 Toronto 87 .429
Game 7 Detroit 76 .347
Game 6 Bucks 89 .397
Game 5 OKC 83 .369
Game 4 Houston 99 .391
Game 3 Pacers 95 .407
Game 2 Bulls 80 .298
Game 1 Cavs 85 .426

For the season, teams are scoring a smidgen more than 86 points per game against us, while shooting .382 from the field.

We're first in field-goal percentage allowed, but third in points allowed per game, behind Atlanta (second) and ... the dreaded Fakers. The Fakers are also scoring the most points per game in the entire leauge. Fewest points allowed and most points scored. Hmmmm.

I guess they are still really mad about last June.

Impressively, the purple is second in field-goal percentage allowed.

Like I was saying, the Celtics have two games circled on their calendar this year.

I'm pretty sure the Lakers do too.


FLCeltsFan said...

I was just reading how the Lakers are stressing defense. They don't have Tom Thibodeau though so the Celtics still have the advantage. It was their defense that made the difference last year and it will be their defense that makes the difference this year, no matter how many teams try to copy them.

They are depending on defense too much though with these slow starts and thinking they can shut the other team down at any time. This will come back to bite them if they don't get out of that habit.

I have the Lakers' games circled also.

Lex said...

Should be interesting.

Very interesting.

What was that guy's name from Laugh-In?

Artie somethhing or other?

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