Ain't We Bad

So when do the playoffs start? When do we get to find out if there is anyone in the Eastern Conference who has even a sniff of preventing the Celtics from getting to the NBA Finals again?

--Tony Massarotti

So much for postponing the histrionics until after Christmas.

We haven't played Orlando home or away, Cleveland away, or Atlanta away. Nor have played anyone out West, really, except, I guess, Houston away, which was a good win.

I know this sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

But after reading all of those LA Times articles I posted last week, complete-and-total homerism kind of makes me nauseated (including one I didn't post where the LA Times ranked the C's 3rd behind Cleveland).

No offense to Celtic Homers, of course, since I am one of them.

The LA Times is just so over the top about the purple that I try to be at least somewhat tempered about the green.

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