The Riot Act (Part III)

The Celtics' winning margin was 13.8 points in the last five games, thanks partly to point guard Rajon Rondo's play. Rondo scored 15, 18, 13, 15, and 22 points in those games, after averaging 7.1 points in the first 11 games of the season. Last night the Celtics were a +17 with Rondo on the floor. "He's got to keep doing it every night," Rivers said. "Three good games don't make a career. You have to do it three, four, five years in a row - now you've established yourself." "He is a throwback, in some ways," Rivers said. "He uses his speed and his mind-set is to set up teammates. He's young, but forget about their age with Rondo and [Glen Davis] - you have to push them every day and you have to understand they are young and they will grow."

--Boston Globe

Back on November 9th of last year, I started the unofficial Doc Rivers Bandwagon right here on my humble blog. In that piece I called Doc Rivers a master motivator, and I've stuck to that story ever since.

It's easy to dismiss that post as the early rantings of a Mad Man (me, Lex).

What's important to keep in mind here is not that I lucked out and called it right. But that one of my core beliefs was borne out again. Not core beliefs about the Boston Celtics in general or about Doc Rivers and coaching in particular. Just one of my core beliefs about life.

Doc Rivers was a much-maligned coach heading into last season, notwithstanding his Coach of the Year honors with Orlando. I'm sure we've all had bosses who've doubted our abilities. But put in the right circumstances, almost every one of us would shine.

From the moment KG and Ray-Ray joined the C's, Doc said he welcomed the expectations that came with their arrival. Now we know why.

Doc Rivers knew what he was capable of, and the light he shined on the empty wall at the practice facility was just the starting point. Come to think of it, no, it wasn't. The pre-season Duck Boat ride was the starting point.

Getting Rajon Rondo back on track is the most recent example.

I'm glad Doc got a chance to show his stuff.

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Lex said...

And, oh, BTW, another coach of the month honors.

Ho hum.

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