Nellie Speaks for Celtic Expatriates

“I wish I could have been here but it wouldn’t have looked good,” Nelson said about Boston’s playoff run to the title last season. “You’re always part of this franchise if you played here. That’s the beauty of being a Celtic. That will never change. I root for them when we are not playing them, and I was one of their biggest fans.”

--Providence Journal

Last spring I wondered what former Celtic greats, other than the obvious cast of characters, might make the pilgrimage to Boston for the championship run. Russell, Jo Jo, and Hondo were all no-brainers; they attend games during the regular season.

But what about McHale, Bird, and Nellie?

Many predicted Bird, for sure, and Nellie with less confidence.

None of them showed up, of course, for the same reason McHale didn't show up.

It wouldn't have looked good.

McHale is an extreme example, having played the key role in the Celtics transformation.

But it just goes to show how the requirements of professionalism can trump bloodline.

Avoiding the appearance of impropriety and all...

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Lex said...

Hey, how about that semi-colon??

My first one on this blog!!

I am anti-semi-colon.

No good reason, though I think Hemingway was, too.

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