The Celtics are Ramping Up

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ESPN Talking Head: Bill, just last week you had the Lakers on top, and the Cavs and Celtics tied for second. What changed your mind?

Bill Walton: The Lakers are showing chinks in their armor, while the Celtics are ramping up. KG is Bill Russell. Paul Pierce is playing the best basketball of his career. The old Ray Allen is back, and nobody in the entire NBA is playing better basketball than Rajon Rondo. This is going to be another special season in Boston.

Did I mention I love Bill Walton?

I swore off talking heads at the beginning of the season.

I didn't want to spend another season hearing how much better the Lakers were than the Celtics. What a waste of time.

But if the basketball punditry is actually saying interesting things, I may have to tune back in.


Anonymous said...

Celtics are playing great and looking unstoppable. I don't worry too much about beating the lakers but the cavs are beginning to scare me a bit. How do you think the Celts match up against them?

Lex said...

If I were forced to choose today, I'd say Cs because we have more stars.

How about you?

Anonymous said...

Cavs are really looking good on both ends. I think Celtics are better but they have Lebron and we don't have anyone now who can defend him when Paul is sitting. Lebron now is basically unstoppable he has strength, speed and the refs. You can never take a charge against him and he's probably dead last in fouls if you exclude garbage time. The officiating generally hasn't been good to the Celtics so far and after the Donaghy mess I'm very wary.

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