Halftime at the Portland-Celtics Game

Bill Walton: I was very surprised that earlier this week Phil Jackson called out the Celtics defense as a product of hype and self-promotion.

ESPN Talking Head: Oh yeah?

Bill Walton: This is the most suffocating defense in the NBA. Keep that in mind. The Portland Trailblazers aren't playing bad basketball. They just ran into a brick wall.

ESPN Talking Head: Portland seemed a little careless toward the end of the half.

Bill Walton: Come on. This is the Boston Celtics playing a home game on a Friday night. Celtics fans cheer more loudly for defense than anything else. It's almost as if once the Celtics get a stop, they'd just as soon give the ball back to the offense and watch them do it again. The Boston Celtics are the best team in professional basketball.


I love Bill Walton!!!


Anonymous said...

Phil Jackson called out the Celtics defense as a product of hype and self-promotion?
Was this an alternate universe where lakers shredded the Celtics defense streaked through the finals 4-0 and won the championship? Why does everyone connected with this team have to be so egotistical.
I agree the Boston crowd really has embraced the defensive identity of the team.

Lex said...

Yeah, Jackzen said the basically threw a parade after they hired Thibs in 2007, and made some comment how the celtics make a big deal out of their defense.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Jackzen I love that.

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