Humble Lamar

Lamar Odom is averaging a career-low 7.5 field-goal attempts this year in a career-low 25 minutes a game in his new role as sixth man. But after taking just three shots in 29 minutes in Sunday's win over the Raptors, Odom said that was less about playing time and more about the way the Lakers have been sharing the ball this season.

"The game is called basketball, not shoot," he said. "You can play a complete basketball game without shooting a lot of shots.

"There aren't too many guys that can do it, I just happen to be one of them."

--Long Beach Press-Telegram

Good heavens.

This coming from a guy who disappeared for most of the 2008 NBA Finals and then decided to use garbage time in Game 6 to pad his stats and insulate himself from blame for the 131-92 blowout.

The game may not be called "shoot," Lamar.

But I suspect you will be directed to do just that by a certain East Coast team on December 25, and then taunted when you miss.

Kind of like last June.

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