Rajon Rondo: Best Point Guard in the East

"Coming into the year I'd have said that [Jose] Calderon is the best true point guard of the group. Based on what we've seen so far, I'll say [Rajon] Rondo, then [Devin] Harris, then [Derrick] Rose. I've only seen Rose in person a couple times, but everything you've heard is true: He's pretty darn good already. But I'll put Harris just ahead of him; New Jersey's [new] style of play really works to his benefit.

--Marc Stein

As you might have gathered, I'm not much of an NBA generalist. I live by Kevin McHale's golden rule:

If the Boston Celtics play their game, that's all we need to worry about.

Given that concession, if the choice is between Rajon and those other three, I don't even think it's close.

Rajon, baby!

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