Baby Speaks

"It was not embarrassing at all," Davis said before last night's game. "It was a lot of passion. Sometimes it's not always good passion, sometimes it's bad, but you have to learn to funnel that emotion. I was mad at myself, I just want to win and we were up. It was lack of intensity that we were bringing on the floor. I was mad at myself because I had a big part of funneling the energy on the team and my teammates hold me accountable for that. We weren't as focused as we should have been. We were up, 25-30 points, there's no way they should be getting back in the game."





Glen Davis is not only emotional, he's intelligent. He gets it.

This is what you want to hear from your bench after they post a collective -62 over two games. They were a -12 last night, even with Tony Allen in the lineup. That now makes four straight games the bench has been in the red.

I don't blame Big Baby for anything. He's a free spirit, something this team needs. Nor do I blame him for the bench's four games in the ditch. A couple of things might be going on. When the bench is in the game, opposing teams go hammer and claw trying to get an advantage. We also might be seeing that the bench isn't as talented as we thought.

The good news is that even in the overtime game last night, no starter played more than 43 minutes. Prior to last night's game, no starter was averaging more than 36 minutes, and only Paul Pierce, the youngest of the Big Three, was averaging that many. Contrast this with the 1986-87 Celtics, when KC Jones ran the starters into the ground night-in and night-out.

I don't see Doc going that route any time soon.

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