Rondo Posts Triple Double in 24 Minutes

          Min    FG  3Pt  FT   +/-  Off  Reb  Ast  TO  Stl BS BA PF  Pts
R. Rondo 24:44  5-8  0-1  3-3  +19   2    10   10   2   3   0  0  2   13
Larry Bird had his skeptics. Some Celtics fans forget this. Despite winning two world championships and a league MVP, skeptics remained. Midway through the 1984-85 season, however, Bird's skeptics took a breather. Even my brother, the die-hard Laker fan, felt compelled to call me after Bird buried his second-straight buzzer-beater to help keep another Celtics' winning streak alive.

"Ok, I admit it! Bird is amazing!!" My brother exclaimed.

Rajon Rondo is no MVP.

But if he keeps this up, his doubters, too, will find it necessary to button their lips.


He finishes the night with 16, 17, 13, and 3. That would be seventeen assists and thirteen rebounds. Pause for a moment and let those numbers soak into your gray matter.

I think we might have ourselves something in this Rondo kid!

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