We Just Made History and No One Cares

The Boston Celtics are now 18-2 for the second straight year.

My review of the history books shows that no other team in NBA history has ever started consecutive seasons playing .900 ball after 20 games.

Yet I don't see a single newspaper article or editorial calling out this historic accomplishment.

What gives?

Maybe no one cares. Maybe it's no big deal.

Twenty games constitutes one-fourth of the season. It represents the first real measuring stick for the next 60 games.

People should care.

I do.


FLCeltsFan said...

I care! It is phenomenal. But, do you really expect the newspapers to notice? The "experts" are still trying to figure out how best they can bow and scrape before the Lakers.

I miss seeing Gasol crying at the top of the page. That brought me such joy. I may have to make it my wallpaper. :)

Lex said...

Good point!

It's not laker news, which is the same thing as being not news at all!!!

dj.no.one said...

It's a sign of the coming doom for other teams. They know if they cover everything we do well this year, it would be all celtics all the time.

Plus people don't care about stats for basketball. .004 difference in your third base steal % and everyone gets all excited. Triple double and the first team to 18-2 back to back, yawn.

Long live our all stars.

FLCeltsFan said...

Hey Lex... The media is finally catching up to you...


Lex said...

Thanks, FCF!

Maybe I'll post a snippet...

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