Bambino Grande

I've always been a little schizophrenic when it comes to Glen Davis.

I love how he seems to come up big in big games, but I hate how he's seems grossly undersized when trying to get his shot off underneath. Even when shooting from the outside, I must confess, his short, stubby arms give his shot something less than an artistic flair.

At the same time, if he starts hitting that 15-to-18 foot jumper on a consistent basis, it's gonna do a couple of things for us. Most obviously, it's gonna give us another scoring weapon. Less obviously, it's gonna open up things for him inside. Bigs forced to defend him on the perimeter won't be allowed to cheat and collapse on him underneath.

I won't tell you who I'm thinking of. But let's just say there was this other undersized power player who, sans an effective jump shot, wouldn't have been nearly as effective inside. With an effective jump shot, he became one of the best undersized power players ever to play the game.

I'm pretty sure Big Baby's ceiling is a little bit lower than that.

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