The LA Times Calls Out the Fakers?

The Lakers reclaimed the league's top record after blowing past the Washington Wizards, but how much of it is talent and how much of it is a friendly schedule?

The Lakers (34-8) have the league's highest-scoring offense, an All-Star starter, possibly an All-Star reserve, and one of the NBA's deepest benches.

But they've also played 25 home games and only 17 on the road -- with two at Staples Center against the Clippers.

Cleveland (33-8), on the other hand, has played 20 home games and 21 on the road.

Boston (36-9) has played 23 at home, 22 on the road.

Orlando (33-9) has played 20 at home, 22 on the road.

And, by the way, the Lakers' next two games are at home.

--LA Times

Say it ain't so!

The Fakers did beat Boston and Cleveland at home. But they've also lost to the Pistons at home, the Spurs and the Hornets on the road, and the Magic at home and on the road. Although nothing really matters until the playoffs, it says here that the Fakers real tests won't come until they play Boston and Cleveland on the road. Only then will we get a truer measure of the relative power of the NBA's elite teams.


Anonymous said...

Thanks LA Times for pointing out the obvious. Lakers definitely will have their hands full with the good East teams. I've been thinking Cleveland too may have that problem losses in Atlanta, Detroit, Miami and Boston.

Lex said...

Cleveland's home streak should be interesting to watch. They are a good team, but definitely not a 39-2 or 38-3 team at home, IMO.

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