Bill Walker as a Power 3

Bill Walker is a fun guy to watch. He brings it on every play, and his teammates seem to feed off of his enthusiasm. He's not short on inside moves, and, based on reports, not short on an outside game.

But he is short, and fairly thin, if Celtics fans are to think of him as a "power" 3.

And this troubles me, at least until my perspective returns.

It troubles me because when I look at him, I see the attitude of a power player, but I don't see the body of one. From a distance, he's not easily distinguished from point guards on the floor. Even up close, Walker's physique doesn't stand out from that of the slender Gabe Pruitt.

Walker plays the 3, but that might only be because his game isn't adaptable to the needs at the shooting guard. I think of Paul Pierce as a power player, someone who bulls his way through the lane to get easy hoops and lots of trips to the stripe. But Bill Walker isn't Paul Pierce. Walker is shorter and lighter than Pierce, even when measured against Pierce's weight as a rookie.

I'm not saying Walker can't contribute. He can. He has the moxie the second unit badly needs. I'm just not sure he's a big-minute guy. I think he'd do fine against the Luke Waltons and Trevor Arizas of the world. I'm not so sure he'd do as well against taller, more talented timber.

So it will be interesting to see how often he plays and against whom he is matched.

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