Spending Money on Crap

I made so many Celtic-inspired purchases in 2007-08, I couldn't even bring myself to add it all up. Ordinarily, I pinch my pennies. But once the KG trade went down, I knew it was gonna be a season for the ages. The problem was that gave me 10 months until the Finals even started. Once banner 17 was in the bag, the buying started anew.

Then the economy crashed, and the buying of everything but essentials stopped.

I still haven't added up all I spent on the C's. But I did write it all down, and, boy, I bought a truck load.

At Christmas, I decided I had probably bought enough for a few years to come.

But that didn't stop me for asking for some gift cards. I knew with the economy in the crapper, some great deals would be coming my way. And, sure enough, they did.

No new Celtics stuff. So I got some Sox caps at about 3/4 off.

Hopefully the guy who visits my MVN site won't read this. He actually threatened me for saying I was a Sox fan.

I mean, whaddya want for nothing?

Rubber biscuit...

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