Da Heat & Da Hammer

So I think I got the Green figured out (how many times have I said that?).

During the SLUMP and for several games during the STREAK, they just kind of stumbled and bumbled their way through the first three quarters, and then figured, kind of like the mid-1980s Celtics, they'd put the pedal to the metal and take over in the fourth.

But as they found out during the SLUMP, it doesn't matter how hard you press the pedal. If you don't have any gas in the tank, you're screwed.

Lately, the green have taken a different approach. It hearkens back to the 1990-91 season, when the green tried to put every game on ice by the third quarter. That guaranteed low minutes and lots of rest for the starters.

Problem is that the Heat aren't necessarily pushovers, and the green isn't necessarily a juggernaut on the road.

So tonight should be interesting.

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