Broken Record

Cleveland's shooting .543 overall, and .571 from three. Ray Allen played all but four minutes in the first half. So we're not playing defense, and Jesus, the oldest Celtic, is playing big minutes.

Sound familiar?

What it sounds like to me is that we don't have anyone behind Ray to give him a breather. Oh wait, what about those two kids we just called up?

Oh yeah. That's right. They're both injured.

Too injured to play in the majors, but not too injured to light it up at Pawtucket.

Makes perfect sense to me.

On the bright side, if you want to call it that, the bench is currently outplaying the starters in terms of +/- numbers.

Third quarter--more of the same.

Cavs up 15 in the fourth. Still shooting comfortably above 50%.

The Green?


Ray Ray and Pierce are playing Bird and Mchale minutes circa 1987. Pruitt?

I think he got sent down to the D-League at half. Maybe if the Cavs get up by 20 they'll throw him in for some Garbage Time, along with that seven-foot guy who only plays in blowouts.

Rondo's dished out 11 assists and only turned the ball over twice. Too bad he's 1-7 from the field. Meanwhile, old friend D.West is a +20 on the night. LeBron has 36 points on 15-26 shooting. Mo Williams is 5-9. Anderson Varejao and Ben Wallace are a combined 7-12.

It's easy scoring against the Celtics and it's not too bad making them miss.

Bad combo.

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