Cavs Tame Cats

CLEVELAND -- LeBron James and a few of his teammates hung around after their postgame showers and watched the final minutes of Boston's game against Houston on TV. They'll see the Celtics in person soon enough.

The NBA champions are coming. The Cavaliers are ready.

James scored 21 points before grabbing an early seat on the bench, Mo Williams added 15 and Cleveland warmed up for its highly anticipated matchup with Boston by blowing out the Charlotte Bobcats 111-81 on Wednesday night, raising the Cavaliers' record at home to 18-0
. The Cavaliers led 43-14 in the first half.

Hung around after the game to watch the Celtics play?

The Boston Celtics?

Boy, they must have been desperate for a few laughs.


FLCeltsFan said...

First it was the Lakers and now the Cavs. It is a wonder they can keep their minds on their games since they are so worried about what the Celtics are doing.

Lex said...

At least the Cavs don't have all that pent up hostility.

The Cavs apparently have several teams interested in Wally's expiring contract.

Can you imagine who they'll get for him?????

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