Celtics-Lakers Symbiosis

Expect the Boston Celtics to appear lighter on their feet very soon.

I do.

The Lakers lost by 11 to the New Orleans Hornets last night at Staples.

This is a big surprise. Don't get me wrong. I like the Hornets. I had them penciled in beating LA and going to the Finals last year. The problem is they didn't meet in the playoffs. The other problem, my Lakers friend tells me, is that LA has owned NO over the last two seasons.

Also of note, Lamar Odom hurt is knee last night, and had to leave the game. Luke Walton is out with an injury, and Andrew Bynum continues to frustrate the Zen Mistress.

My point here is that now, as in the olden days, I believe there is a symbiosis between the purple and the green. The green start the season 27-2, and the purple--management, players, and fans--get nervous, very nervous. The purple beat the green, and the Celtics start a free-fall that is showing no signs of ending.

Until now.

Celtics starters played too many minutes last night. So they should be worn out. But with good news arriving from out West, let's see if my theory holds water.

The Celtics snap out of the downward spiral starting tonight.

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