Doc Needs More from KG

Garnett looked OK. He was aggressive down the stretch. We just need to see that all game. Those two post moves down the stretch, that's how we have to get that, all game. He made a concerted effort to score in the paint.

--Doc Rivers


Doc goes public with negative KG commentary. Appropriate or not, definitely breaking new ground.


FLCeltsFan said...

More Docspeak. Like yesterday Scal and Pruitt were going to play more minutes. Scal got 3 and Pruitt 6 in an OT game. Last season after he said Powe was definitely going to get more minutes he got 2 consecutive DNP's.

He keeps saying he is going to limit KG's minutes but then plays him 41 minutes. KG is tired and hurting. I truly believe he gives his all when he is out there but right now his all isn't all that much. What he needs is a rest.

Lex said...

Yeah, you can't really use Da Ticket as your scapegoat.

Long way until April.

Not sure if that is good or bad anymore.

1111 said...

i remember reading a story of Red: one year he fear the team was too lazy so he tell privately to Russell "I'll go after you each time, i'll blame you for the smallest things... and u'll never complain!"
the idea was that if Red could be soo rude and demanding from the leader of the team then he could be even more demanding with the other players.

I hope it's the same here...

Lex said...

I remember reading about that, too, 1111

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