How Low Can They Go?

January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Sun 11 @ Toronto 12:30pm CSNHD WEEI
Mon 12 vs Toronto 7:30pm CSNHD WEEI
Wed 14 vs New Jersey 7:30pm CSNHD WEEI
Sat 17 @ New Jersey 1:00pm CSNHD WEEI

We're about to find out. If they split the next four games, it may be lights out, Gracie.


FLCeltsFan said...

I just don't see them losing 5 in a row. But, then again, I didn't see them losing 4 in a row. But, I think this embarrassment was the last straw and the Celtics right the ship after this one just as the 86 team did after the Christmas day debacle in 85.

They looked mad last night and I think it took them getting mad to finally put in the effort to get back on track. They know what to do. They just need to do it.

Lex said...

We shall see.

The cavs look pretty good right now, and they still have the Wall-E card to play.

Dave said...

Good four games to get back on track.

I'm concerned about Toronto if Jermaine O'Neal doesn't play though, their big men shooters create problems for the C's.

Lex said...

All games played on the road, even against the cast of the Wiggles, are cause for concern.

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