KG on the Celtics-Lakers Christmas Day Game

In hindsight, Garnett still laughs to himself about the pressure the Lakers put on themselves leading up to that Christmas Day win. “The Lakers felt like that game was the championship,” he said. “Some of the comments those guys made were incredible, and it was just the regular season. It was kind of comical. But we knew that we just had to move on from that.”

--The Herald

On one hand, I agree with KG. But we need look no further than the February 5th to realize that the Celtics need to return the favor in the rematch. The Cavs still scare me. But there remains the distinct possibility that the green will meet the purple again next June.

We just can't go into the Finals having been swept during the regular season. So joke all you want, KG. The Celtics need to take the rematch as seriously as the Lakers took the first game.


Anonymous said...

Regular season games mean nothing. Winning in the playoffs is the important thing.

Lex said...

I agree to some extent.

However, there may be some psychological barriers building up if we get swept.

Also, we don't need to give the purple any confidence.

Anonymous said...

Regular season games do mean less than the play-offs but I agree with Lex. Lakers absolutely have no business winning in the Boston. They need to be crushed.

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