Playmaker Wanted

So Danny has been working the phones. No surprise there. Reports say he wants a shooter off the bench. Eddie House is a shooter off the bench, just not a great one, at least not this year. Gabe Pruitt supposedly is a good shooter, but I think we've seen enough proof to the contrary. Tony Allen, not a great shooter from the outside--period.

Then we have the kids--JR Giddens and Bill Walker. Fresh legs, something to prove, and maybe even a little bit of an attitude. Looking good at Pawtucket.

Is there a reason we're not giving them a look?

What harm can it do?

At this point, the only goal left for the rest of the season is to build a team that can win three or four rounds of the playoffs on the road. Doesn't seem like a job for two rookies.

But, you know, beggars can't be choosers and all that.

And then there is Sam Cassell. It made sense to keep him on the end of the bench when we were 27-2. Does it make sense to keep him there at 2-7?

Let's shake things up.

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