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Pollard and Croshere

Austin Croshere and Scot Pollard.

Scot Pollard and Austin Croshere.

Both born in the spring of 1975.

Both are about 6-10.

Both have averaged about 4 points per game over their careers.

Both have averaged about 4 rebounds per game over their careers.

Both played for the Indiana Pacers. But here's where it gets dicey.

Their biographies say they both played for Indiana during the 2004-05 season, which would mean they both played during the Pacers-Celtics playoff series.

But I don't remember that. Do you?

Until I see video, I think they're the same guy.

If Croshere dons a #66 jersey, I say it's just Scot Pollard all over again.

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