The Ghost of KC Jones

Third quarter just ended and Ray Allen has already clocked 32 minutes. Gabe Pruitt, who was expected to see increased PT either as Rajon Rondo's back-up or in place of the injured Tony Allen, has played all of three minutes.

Something just ain't right here.


Anonymous said...

1st night of a back to back and Ray and Rondo play almost 50 minutes. I'm truly baffled by Doc's reluctance to play Gabe. He looks solid when he's out there I don't know what they're expecting from him that he's not showing. I really think its time to call up the rookies and get POB/Pruitt in games at least if they lose the starters won't be playing 40+ in losing efforts.

FLCeltsFan said...

I agree 100%. Doc is saying one thing and doing another. It is time to see what Gabe, O'Bryant, Walker and Giddens can do. It can't be worse than what the others are doing. I think that win streak took a lot out of the team. I think they are tired. They are beat up. They need a rest and playing 50 minutes in the first of back to back games is not my idea of getting them rest.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its surprising since Doc keeps telling us they're tired. Paul and Perk seem to be the only starters whose play doesn't suffer as much when they are tired which is hurting them down the stretch. Doc just needs to play the starters less against the worse team on a back to back and throw the bench out there to sink or swim.

1111 said...

from stats bench was fine, but where's the defence? :(

Lex said...


Bad. Bad. Bad.

We never play Charlotte very well. But 5/7 is inexcusable.

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