Pruitt and Cassell

The recent rumors of Danny packaging Gabe Pruitt with various other Celtics in an effort to bring in some veteran help for the bench tells me a couple of things.

First, Gabe Pruitt won't be the back-up point guard come April.

Second, Sam Cassell may start to see some playing time. Probably after the trade deadline, but perhaps before, depending on the circumstances. Even if the green were to somehow land Star Berry, I wouldn't rule out situations where the Celtics play both Cassell and Marbury together.

Experience is the name of the game once the playoffs start.


1111 said...

a really pity about Gabe, but I trust Danny and Doc: of course they can made errors (they're humans...) but to me Danny have a plan so i'm quite relaxed.

Lex said...

Yeah, I'm not at practice and I don't see all the games. But Doc complained today about not having any wings to back up TA.

What about Walker and JR?

I guess they must not be ready.

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