What's in that Hip Pocket?

The volume of rumors is what surprises me.

Suppose Danny had been successful in coaxing Zo and Reggie out of retirement (I suppose it could still happen). Not wanting to be left out, Marbury throws another $5m on the table to secure a buyout from New York and now he wants to come on board in Boston (this seems a stretch, but still possible). It's not out of the question that we'd sign all three. Three different players, three different positions, three different needs.

But all of a sudden our roster would be bursting with 18 players, and I'm pretty sure Doc still plans on using Sam once the playoffs get closer.

There must be a board room contingency plan. In fact, Danny used the word "board" the other day, as in "I still haven't taken PJ and Zo off my board."

I wonder what the pecking order is?

In comes Reggie, out goes JR?

Hello Alonzo, goodbye POB?

Steph signs, Pruitt is punked?

The other interesting thing is I doubt any of these current Celtics would just get cut outright. My guess is Danny has a handful of minor side deals in his hip pocket. Now if we only knew what was in that hip pocket.


FLCeltsFan said...

I have also been wondering who will go if they bring in the players rumored to come here. I don't want to see Pruitt or Leon go anywhere. I like both players for the future. I don't want to give up on Walker or Giddens before they even get a chance. I think O'Bryant can still be a good center but maybe he would have to be the sacrificial lamb to bring in a big who can help now. The most obvious would be to move Sam to the coaching staff.

Like you, I am really wondering what is in that hip pocket.

Lex said...

Leon's in a funk.

I don't see him going anywhere.

Gabe, though, I think is at risk

Lex said...

Regarding Giddens, I just can't believe the kid is that bad not to be given any PT.

I mean, come on. He was playing as well as Walker at Pawtucket.

But I'm sure it has something to do with BB IQ.

Lex said...

POB can be good. I want to agree on that point.

When he will be good, meaning at least a 6.5 on a scale of 10, is the big on unknown.

Might be his late 20s.

Anonymous said...

I'm also reluctant to let any of the young ones go without knowing what they can contribute down the line. If Sam gave up his spot what would be the position they'd need to shore up the most 3/4 or 5?

Lex said...

Probably the 5.

But that assumes sam steps aside for marbury.

What do you say?

1111 said...

personally I prefer Cs activate Sam as scoring guard instead of getting Marbury.
That said, I know fans always think of tomorrow, but this's a veteran, win now team: any young of the bench is expendable...

Lex said...

hey 1111,

No, I like Sam over Marbury too.

What do you think of Pollard, if healthy?

1111 said...

he's bigger than POB (size wide, even if bit shorter) and isnt afraid of contacts...
i'll take him over POB in a blink, but not over Big Baby! I mean Pollard is a great 12th man, but could not really crack into the rotation.

Lex said...

Crack the rotation...every game?


Crack the rotation against bigger opponents?

I think so.

Lex said...

BTW, when I say Leon's in a funk, I actually mean Leon is in a temporary funk, and he'll get out of it, and thus he's not going to get traded (unless it's for someone really good and really tall).

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