Big Three Make Big Leap at the Line

                  2008-09 FT%     Career FT%      Differential
Kevin Garnett .842 .782 .060
Paul Pierce .846 .798 .048
Ray Allen .936 .891 .045


Anonymous said...

Impressive. Now they just need Rondo and Perk to pull up their numbers.

Lex said...

Rondo's mid-range game has improved quite a bit as of late.

We might need to wait until next season for a jump in his FT%

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm really liking the confidence in taking the jumper.
I was talking of his FT%. The whole team needs to raise their FT% would go up because there's no use in being one of the top teams in getting to the line if they can't make the most of it.

FLCeltsFan said...

Ray Allen is simply amazing. I love watching him shoot. Sooooo smooth! I see the same potential in Gabe's shot. If Ray's work ethic and routine can rub off on him, he h as real potential

Rondo's jumper has improved and I am sure it will continue to improve as Ray works with him.

nbaroundtable said...

That is impressive. They're doing a great job.

Ray Allen's overall scoring efficiency has been incredible.

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