Remember the 1974 Finals

My new rallying cry for the 2009 Boston Celtics is "Remember the 1974 Finals." The road team won five games, including the last four. That series shows you how fast home-court advantage can change hands. It also casts doubt on the value of killing yourself during the regular season to get home court in the first place. Why run yourself into the ground for five months during the regular season, just to lose home court in one game during the playoffs? Let's be the team that enters the playoffs healthy and steals home court from the other team.
4/28/1974    BOS at Milwaukee Bucks     95 - 83    1 - 0
4/30/1974 BOS at Milwaukee Bucks 96 - 105 1 - 1
5/3/1974 BOS Milwaukee Bucks 95 - 83 2 - 1
5/5/1974 BOS Milwaukee Bucks 89 - 97 2 - 2
5/7/1974 BOS at Milwaukee Bucks 96 - 87 3 - 2
5/10/1974 BOS Milwaukee Bucks 101 - 102 3 - 3
5/12/1974 BOS at Milwaukee Bucks 102 - 87 4 - 3


FLCeltsFan said...

Good point, Lex. The most important thing right now is to get healthy, even if it means going in as the 2nd or 3rd seed. We struggled on the road in the first and second rounds, but in the ECF and Finals, we won on the road without a problem. This team when healthy should be able to win on the road.

I say give everyone all the time they need to heal. Don't rush anyone back and then we take over in the playoffs.

Lex said...

Yup. Let's go that route.

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