Who Wants to Start the Second Round in Orlando?

Don't everyone raise your hand at the same time.

The Boston Celtics have now lost three of four, and have 17 losses for the season, the same number as the Orlando Magic. The Celtics next seven games are at Chicago, at home against Miami, at San Antonio, at Memphis, at home against the Clippers, and on the road against Atlanta and Orlando. Sound like a lot of W's to you? April is just around the corner. Doc may need to change his nickname if he hopes to pull a rabbit out of his hat before the playoffs start.


jameyburke said...

25 turnovers-that is the number that worries me. We're not going to get past the 1st round if we don't cut down on the TO's.

Lex said...

Should be interesting to see what happens when the big fella returns.

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