Da Bench

22 minutes into game 67 and the Cetlics' bench continues giving us reason to smile:

Da Mik with another Waltonesque performance--4 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in 8 minutes.

Starberry adding 4 points and two assists of his own, combing with Da Mik to give the Celtics' bench more assists in one half than they used to average for an entire game BMM (before Marbury & Moore)

Bill Walker's played 4 minutes and hasn't hoisted a shot. So the kid is smart, too. He understands his role, and plays within it. Many more of these performances and I might have to agree with FCF and start giving #12 a preference over Tony Allen in the first round of the playoffs.

Speaking of prudence and restraint, Leon Powe, off back-to-back jaw-droppers, has held himself to one shot in 18 minutes of play in the first half. Not forcing shots is one of the differences separating a bench player with talent who gets PT and a bench player with talent who doesn't.

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