Lamar, Lamar, Lamar

This post might also be entitled "Mitch, Mitch, Mitch."

Somehow I missed this disclosure by the LA Times: "Lakers team officials said the Lakers offered Odom a deal for $9 million a season for four years at $36 million, or $10 million a season over three years for a total of $30 million." Odom and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, were looking for $10 million a year over five seasons.

Ron Artest just signed for $18m over three years and Lamar Odom wants $50m over 5? This is the same guy who disappeared in the 2008 NBA Finals, right? Granted, the L's probably don't get out of the West last year without him, but $10m a year for Lamar Odom? I'm not sure which is more amazing, the fact that the Lakers offered Odom $10 mil a year or the fact that he turned it down!

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