Random Drive-Bys (Lakers Edition)

Faker fans weigh in on the state of the team.

Sign Odom already, in order to repeat we need him back, the bench is nothing without him. Oh and remember we have Bynum who is injury prone.

Looks like we may not get to keep Lamar, but at least we have that Playboy Mansion superstar Andrew Bynum. It will be interesting to see when the bum gets hurt this year now that he is on a big contract. Wish LA could trade him for a bag of chips to get rid of that toxic contract.

I could care less if Odom walks. Worst case scenario your core is Bryant, Gasol, Artest. He's not as productive or consistent as Atest so why should the Lakers pay more, a premium on his knowledge of the Triangle? Please, Phil still takes shot at his hoops IQ with respect to the Triangle and he's been in it for 4 years. Goodbye, Lamar.

Sad to say Odom is an asset which never blossomed. He will always be a "what could have been guy" with any team as he is not focused and certainly doesn't play with heart just like wasted talents such as Vince Carter and Chris Webber.

Lakers could even be greater than Bulls (Mike, Scottie and Rodman) with their current line-up (Kobe, Pau, Lamar). But with Lamar just being contented to do barreling offensive fouls instead of developing more moves and use his height, athleticism and a bit of smart outside shots.

Come on Laker fans. Stop hating on Lamar just because he wants what he's worth. Odom isn't worth 10 million yet bynum is worth 12 million plus? Give him his due. Once he signs you will all be loving him again. Calm down.

Bynum is just lost out there. Odom is a key to the teams success. We need him!!! You guys aren't true Laker fans!!

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