Speaking of Payton and Malone

Okay, I didn't go Ostrich for very long.

But if the Celtics want to pry Grant Hill away from the steely clutches of that championship juggernaut known as the New York Knicks, maybe they should take a page out of the book of Gary Payton and Karl Malone. Before Payton and Malone both agreed to sign with the Lakers for the Vet's minimum, they contacted each other to talk about it. I'm not saying we need the entire Celtics entourage of Wyc, Danny, Doc, and the Big 3 to corner Hill until he agrees to sign. But maybe, just maybe Rasheed should reach out to Hill and give him a little pep talk (and if that doesn't work, then fly in everyone from Waltham).

We just can't let Hill go quietly into the night with such a bad career move. Is there anything we can do to get Coach K on our side? I mean we're talking about the 2009 New York Knicks. This isn't Pat Riley's New York Knicks. This isn't even Bernard King's New York Knicks. This is a team that doesn't have a prayer of competing for a championship any time in the near future.

If Hill chooses the Knicks, winning just must not be a priority for him.

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