You Should Be Dancin', Yeah

I'm all for equality of the sexes, even equality of spousal decisionmaking. A few years back my wife and I moved out of state so I could take advantage of a job opportunity. My wife hated it there, so we moved back, even though I had to take a pay-cut and a demotion to do it. But that's what you do when you're married. You make the spouse happy. I get all that.

Someone cue the Bee Gees (Sorry, Michael. I know it's the day of your Memorial Service and all).

Still, I'm struggling to grapple with the most recent twist in the Grant Hill saga. Hill may choose to play for the New York Knicks because his wife is a singer. Grant Hill is a five-time All-NBAer and former Rookie of the Year. While his career is winding down, Hill could still be thinking about making a case for the Hall. As a players whose teams have never won a playoff series, a Hall of Fame nod doesn't seem likely right now. Add a ring or two to his resume, and the Hall of Fame bid isn't out of the question.

I hate to play marriage counselor here, but I gotta believe that Hill and his wife can reach a compromise. If Hill really wants to win, the New York Knicks ain't the place to do it. If his wife really wants to sing, is New York really that far from Boston? So until I hear that Grant Hill has put pen to paper in the Big Apple, I'm officially going ostrich and putting my head in the sand.

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