Blah Blah Blah Back-Up Point Guard

The Celtics have done a lot this offseason. No one's debating that.They've signed Rasheed Wallace, giving them an extraordinary backup big man who'll bring versatility to their bench.They've gotten a commitment from Marquis Daniels, who will give them crucial bench minutes in relief of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. They've signed Shelden Williams on the cheap, a solid insurance policy should one of their other bigs get hurt.They've hammered out a reasonable extension for Glen Davis, locking up one of the team's rising stars.

And, perhaps most importantly, they resisted the temptation to rashly trade up from the No. 58 pick in this summer's draft. In doing so, they've kept the team's superb nucleus intact. When the season ended, all the Celtics had was a starting five, and even that was on the verge of being torn apart. Now they have the league's best starters and an unexpectedly deep bench, to boot.

There's only one thing they're missing. Rajon Rondo is one of the game's best young point guards, but he runs the risk of entering the preseason with no backup in place. Lester Hudson, the Celtics' selection with that No. 58 pick in the draft, is the team's secret weapon, and they're keeping him under wraps until he comes off the bench this fall.


Good lord. Maybe if Red's Army can organize a meeting, one of us Celtics' people out here on the Internet can be appointed each day to bemoan the fact that the Celtics don't have a conventional back-up point guard behind Rajon Rondo.


Who backed up Tiny in 81, DJ and Danny in 84 and DJ and Danny in 86? Who backed up Goodrich and West in '72? Jordan and Armstrong in the 90s? Is Derek Fisher a conventional point guard? How about Jordan Farmar?

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