Exactly How Bad is Shelden's Shot?

Center Shelden Williams
Key stat: 17.7 minutes per game

What we learned: If his role in the exhibition season is any indication, Williams will have to find ways to be a more effective rebounder in limited minutes. He hasn't had trouble finding ways to score; his face-up game from 16 feet and in is better than anyone could have expected. As he gets more comfortable using his quickness and length to be effective, his role will likely increase.

--Atlanta Journal and Constitution
October 28, 2007

According to CelticsHub, "Shelden Williams cannot shoot. His numbers are almost shockingly bad. And he really can’t shoot jump shots. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except that Williams plays as if he can shoot jump shots decently."

The Hub goes on to document its claims via statistics. The rub here is that I start out this post with a quote from October 2007. Maybe Shelden's jumper went in the crapper sometime over the last two years. But it appears that at some point in the past he could drain the J. In fact, if you go out to YouTube, his face-up, spot-up J looks pretty ordinary (it goes in without much hint of unorthodoxy). It's his shots in the paint that don't look too pretty. Then again, Leon Powe's side-armer wasn't really a thing of beauty either. Impossible to defend a side-arm shot? You bet.

In any event, don't be totally surprised if Give It to Me, Big Shelden hits a jumper now and again and looks more comfortable than Greg Kite ever did. I also note that Shelden has shot .728 from the charity stripe over his career, which isn't great, but does suggest some familiarity with making a 15-footer.


FLCeltsFan said...

I don't think it really matters how bad his shot is. If he can play defense and rebound and maybe get a few put backs he will be fine. I think they will have enough offense around him that his main job will be on defense.

Lex said...

Exactly. Remember Big Baby's break out game against Det on 1/5/08? How many of his 20 points were on jumpers?


Anonymous said...

Who cares about jumpers? I care that the guy can't hit anything in the paint and that he is demonstrably worse in the paint than Big Baby--a guy who was crucified for being unable to score in the paint.

Here's a stat for you: 12% of Shelden's shots are dunk attempts. And do you know the percentage of those dunks that are successful? 62.5%!!@?!?! That's terrible and a pretty good indication that we're going to see plenty of easy misses from Williams next season.

For comparison's sake, 12% of Perk's shots are dunks, which he converts at a 90% rate.

Lex said...

62% of his dunk attempts are makes?


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