The Larry Bird 60-Point Game

The Larry Bird DVDs arrived the other day, and tonight I'm watching what the DVDs proclaim is one of Larry's three best games ever, his 60-point game against Atlanta in March of 1985. I have no doubt it is one of his best, as is the Bird-Nique shootout, also on the DVDs. The third game on the DVDs is the 1992 game against Portland. Bird had a good game. But when you compare it to these games, the Portland game was just OK.

The 60-point game is pretty cool. I'm one quarter into the game and KC Jones has already substituted Scott Wedman for Kevin McHale and Ray Williams for DJ. Seeing Wedman again is cool because he only appears in street clothes on the 1986 championship DVDs. Ray Williams should have been a nice pick-up that year. They acquired him near the end of the season. He played 23 regular season games for the Celtics, and another 19 in the playoffs. But he never quite made the impact the Celtics were hoping for, though in the video he comes in and immediately nails a three with a hand in his face.

Oh, by the way, the hand in his face belonged to #25 for the Hawks.

Doc Rivers.


FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, I love watching Bird's games. His 60 point game and the duel with Dominique are incredible. I can never watch them too many times.

Lex said...

I agree. One interesting thing about that 85 game is that I had forgotten that Q.Buckner was still a Celtic. Man, his acquisition sure was celebrated, and boy did he disappoint.

Sounds like a good thing to cover at some point.

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