Atta Boy

Not many people get a chance to play with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rasheed Wallace. It's a good opportunity and I'll worry about the money later. Right now we have to worry about one thing and that's winning the championship this season.


Memo to Grant Hill: championships take precedence over money.

Memo to Tony Allen: Watch this video. Don't repeat spacey behavior if you want to play .


Lex said...

Every time I see this video, I think to myself, Tony Allen must be wondering who that big guy wearing #5 is. Tony probably thought this was Tony's team at one point in the past.

Lex said...

Hey squeeze, you forgot to mention vanilla thunder. Aren't you excited to play with him too?!!


Lex said...

Time to go watch some more of the 76 final before picking up my son from school.

Da weekend is here!

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