"I'm gonna give Paul, Ray, and RONDO a Break"



Ok, then.


Let's say Paul, Ray, and Rondo, or a combination of at least two of them, need a break at the same time. Well, that's when things get interesting. I think we're gonna see some of Sheed, Baby, or even Billy Boy Walker at the 3, with House at the 2 (except on defense) and our new point guard, S'quisy Daniels, out there together.

Psst. Hey Celtics Nation. Danny looks like he's stickin' with the gray. I like it. I also like that fact that he lost the jowls. Finally, notice that Squeeze is a good 2 inches taller than Ainge, who was listed at 6-4 during his playing career. This means #7 is a legitimate 6-6, while Tony Allen was never a legitimate 6-4.


FLCeltsFan said...

I think Danny got some orders from the doc after his heart attack. He is looking good, gray and all.

I really like Walker at the 3 a lot more than I like Daniels at the 1 but Daniels can cover all three wing spots and that is nice versatility to have off the bench. Rumors are floating that Danny is still interested in Iverson, Marbury and now Brent Barry and Houston may be interested in a trade. I still hope for a pure point for back up. (although I'm not very high on any of the 3 players I'm hearing rumors about)

Lex said...

I have a friend who is an AI lover. He says he doesn't see AI coming to boston to play 10-15 MPG. Brent Barry might be interesting later in the year.

Where did you hear the rumors?

FLCeltsFan said...

Matthew Hume on Twitter. He has been right on several things so far and so does have some sources. But I take all rumors with a grain of salt because even if there are some talks, chances are that nothing will happen.

Lex said...

Hopefully a no-go on marbury.

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