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Who will emerge as the primary backup point guard for the Celtics this season?

Every now and then us Celtics fans feel compelled to visit the Mother Ship and see what's going on. Upon first glance, it's the usual. A picture of Ray Allen golfing (Memo to the Army: There's also a picture of a hot chick at Celtics.com auditioning for the Anthem. I'd have posted it. But I figured you owned the IP rights for Celtics bloggers on all things related to hot chicks and the Celtics).

In any event, I eventually noticed the above poll.


Ray Allen as back-up point guard.

No one has advocated that as our first option at the back-up 1, as far as I can remember. But I can think of someone who's advocated using Jesus at the point down the stretch of close games (here and here). Now the Mother Ship is throwing this idea out there for general consumption.

I will be curious to see if it ever happens.

My most recent thought is that Rajon Rondo probably needs to be out there. Here's why. If Rondo's gonna be the second coming of DJ, we need to let Rondo find his inner DJ on offense, which means we need to let the kid see if his J can be money when it counts. Rondo's field-goald percentage is pretty high, but his jumper remains a weak spot. So was DJ's, unless it was the last five minutes of a close game, in which case DJ didn't miss. If Rondo's jumper didn't improve over the summer, maybe his crunch-time jumper did.

Let's find out.


FLCeltsFan said...

DJ was one of the most clutch players I have ever watched. He just had a knack for doing all the right things down the stretch in close games. I'd love for Rondo to develop that knack as well.

Red had an interesting take as to why Shaq and other bigs had problems with free throws. He said it was cause the size of their hands. With the size of Rondo's hands, that could be a consideration.

All that being said, I am hoping to see Rondo come back this season with a reliable 12-16 ft. jumper. (he can add more distance next year).

FLCeltsFan said...

Oh, and about Ray Allen as back up PG, he has handled the ball before and did a decent job of it. I wouldn't want him as a permanent back up pg because we need him as a scorer and not as the playmaker. I'd rather someone else setting up Ray for those killer 3's.

Lex said...

That would be great, FCF. I think Red was still talking about Wilt's hands in his last interview. Hey, it was Red's B-day today!!!

FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, I was thinking about Red's birthday while working on my Let me tell you a story article. The world is a much poorer place because of the loss of Red Auerbach.

RedsArmy said...

I'm pretty sure that's Ayla Brown singing the anthem at a game.

I love that we're front-and-center when it comes to hot chicks and Celtics. Guess we've got to be known for something

Lex said...

Depending on the time of day, the Army is the place to be in Celtics Nation!

slam said...

Ummmm.... those might indeed all be options.... but where the heck is Eddie House?!?!? He at least has to be an option right?

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