The Knee, the Cavs, and the Truth

“I haven’t been really sleeping that much. That’s how my excitement comes out. I’ve just been envisioning this whole year. I’m excited and I’m working to make sure that when I come in here for training camp that I’m ready and I’m ready full throttle.

Sounds promising.

Although Garnett didn’t have a timetable -- “Everything’s on schedule to be on schedule,’’ - he offered he was gradually regaining strength.

Sounds more like they'll ease him back into the rotation.


I honestly don't look at 10/27 as the Super Bowl, Athens-Sparta I, or anything like that. It's just the first game of the season against a major rival. I was reading about the 1968-69 season last night. The Lakers cleaned our clocks in November of 1968. That game didn't mean diddly come the following May. I'm not trying to lower expectations. We could still beat Cleveland in Cleveland. I like our team. I'm just trying to be realistic about KG's injury. As you know by now, if the preseason gives Doc an opportunity to play KG off the bench as sixth man, all the better, as far as I'm concerned.

According to Red's Army, ESPN's Ric Bucher has called out Paul Pierce for his poor playoff performance. F*#! Bucher. But he does raise a good point unintentionally. As I noted in July, Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kendrick Perkins ended last season injured, with both Pierce and Perkins being surgery candidates. Let's hope neither injury is one of those that are postponed in the off-season only to become necessary as the season gets underway.

If Paul is healthy, I suspect his feelings about the 10/27 game will be different than mine. I expect our warrior to get the team fired up to win in Cleveland. I would also expect a healthy Pierce to start the season with a message-sending performance.

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