"I'm Sure He Can Still Jump"

I’m sure he can still jump. I’m sure he doesn’t lose his explosiveness. With an injury, he could, but he works really hard and I’m sure he’ll be back to normal.

--Rajon Rondo

Oh boy. That's a relief. I'm glad he can still jump. Maybe he can even run once in a while, too. By the end of the season, who knows, maybe he'll be able to play some defense. Perhaps we could bring back Pervis Ellison and let KG start by guarding him in practice.



FLCeltsFan said...

This kind of puzzles me. Rondo is back and working out every day. KG is back and working out every day. But yet, Rondo hasn't seen KG. curiouser and curiouser.

Lex said...


Lex said...

Pierce saw him.

Ainge says he sees him every day.

Rondo didn't get the memo saying it was ok to have a KG sighting.

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