Celtics Backpedaling on KG's Return

(Hat Tip to CW)

Kevin looks good, he's in here working out every day. He's doing his training but he's not playing fullcourt basketball, yet. We're taking it as slow and as cautious as we can with him. He's anxious and he has a ton of energy, but I think he gets it. We don't have bodyguards on him to keep him from working too hard. He's on the program with the staff. We don't have timetables on this. We are going week to week and we'll make a decision on where he is.


No timetable.


Give me flippin' break.

Feb 19--Garnett injures knee.

Mar 20--
Garnett begins 4-game return.

Apr 16--
Celtics announce Garnett out for playoffs.

May 26
-- KG has surgery.

July 10-- Ainge says Ticket to return 100% at camp. KG says he "ahead of schedule."

Sept 11--Report that Garnett not yet cleared to scrimmage.

Sept 16 --Ainge says no timetable on Garnett.

Sept 17--Lex unleashes string of profanity.


tb727 said...

This is really perplexing. What exactly is wrong? May was 4 months ago. And he's still not ready to play?

Does anyone else think something is up here that we don't know?

I'm suddenly very concerned...

Lex said...

disconcerting at best

FLCeltsFan said...

This reminds me of the Al Jefferson ankle mess. The Celtics were outright criticizing him for not playing with his sprained ankle. They announced that they would do an exploratory procedure to maybe clean out some stuff. After the procedure they announced that they found nothing but just cleaned it up a little. Not long after Al said that they found a chipped bone and bone chips floating in his ankle. Once the bone chips were removed Al was fine.

The Celtics have proved that you just can't believe a thing they say about an injury. It is frustrating, perplexing, disconcerting and a bunch of other adjectives that we can't get a straight story out of them.

Lex said...

Excellent point, FCF.

If you are right, and you may well be, I'm hoping the discovery of the real injury comes real soon.

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